Artist Statement

I'm interested in moments of visual disorientation with multiple realities coexisting - sometimes uncomfortably - on different levels simultaneously. In my paintings, military jets defend geopolitical territories, as wild animals and birds unknowingly cross these same borders. Shifts in scale play with existing power structures, like a child looming over a crashed warplane.
The scenes are disrupted by scraps of tape, paper, and photographs that appear to stick to the surface of the canvas. These trompe l’eoil depictions seem to occupy a completely different reality from the rest of the artwork, calling the whole piece into question. I want this visual confusion to echo everyday experiences, like reading the news: how to understand changing socio-political realities in the context of widespread deliberate misinformation? What is true? Real? Important? My work highlights these tensions, encouraging viewers to look carefully and always question what they see.

​-Jessica Plattner, January 2020, Medicine Hat